Thursday, 22 August 2013

Re-evaluation of my goals

I still want to run. I see people all the time of varying ages, sizes and shapes running. My Dad runs 5k 3 times a week now on his treadmill (at 62 years old).

My body does not want me to run. It's time to re-evaluate what I can realistically accomplish here.

Despite many months of trying different shoes, slowing down, resting, ice, gait analysis, positive attitudes, forum posts, pressure point foam rolling, easy routes, different running styles, interval training, walking breaks and bike rides, my body still does not want me to run.

I've gotten so down and frustrated with the experience that  I simply have to put aside my competitive, goal driven thoughts and just accept that:

  • I will never be a runner, only a jogger. 
  • I will never run a Marathon 
  • I will never run a Half Marathon 
  • Likely I will not be able to run a 10k. 
  • I know that I can and have run 5k, but at my pace. 
  • I will never be competitive in a 5k.
  • I will experience some discomfort and a fair bit of pain with each run
  • I may need to take a walk break every 10 minutes or even 5 minutes.
  • I am much fitter than I was when I started running
  • I can run more that 60 seconds like when I first started
  • When I run or walk, I am losing calories and getting fitter
  • Running helps stress
  • I am reducing my chances of heart problems, blood pressure, stroke etc by exercising.
Look, I'm a glass half empty person - I know that. It's allowed me to be objective about things but at the same time I tend to move into perfectionism. That's bad.

My attitude for future runs is "Well done for getting off the couch, for trying, for being active. Whatever you manage today, whether 100m or 5k is better than just sitting there doing nothing". I promise to congratulate myself at the end of each run and make it a positive experience no matter how much of it I stop or walk or feel pain.

I'm still tracking my runs and my progress of course. I still have a target - I want to be able to run a half Marathon by December 2014. I recognize that's only achievable if my leg situation where to drastically improve.

I just need to get back to enjoying my running.