Monday, 29 August 2011

P90x - Bring it

In acceptance that I need a big break from Running, I've decided to use the time well. I've got a real wimpy looking (and feeling) body. I want to make a difference but like I've mentioned in previous posts, I find weight lifting just dead boring.
Enter P90x.

It's a 90 day program to build muscle and lose fat. It uses dumbells, pull up bar and chair only. I've done three workouts so far and it's tough, but motivation. I actually am enjoying it so far... fingers crossed.

Still keeping the cardio going with the bike riding as well.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Plodding along

It's been two weeks since my attempt at a short recovery run (that revealed my leg is not better). I actually thought yesterday that I might test the waters again. That idea died as soon as I was having a mess around outside with the kids and the ball. I could feel pain in the same spot after just a little bit of running about :-(

I've kept going with the bike and my quads are really feeling it. On Sunday I managed to do the 7.8km route both to my parents house and back from it. That's a new "day distance" best for me. I'm going to look to up my midweek bike rides to the 7/8 k mark now and over the next couple of weeks try an even longer route to my parents house.

I've done the odd bit with kettlebells, weights and stretching but have no motivation in doing so and never feel like I've had a good workout. I just give up after one set of each exercise. Need to improve there!

Thursday, 11 August 2011

I ran... for a bit.... injured again

Well, after about 10 days with absolutely no pain (hop test fine etc), I bit the bullet and went for a short (<3km) run. My fitness was still pretty good considering all things and my leg felt good - no pain at all.
The next day, it hurt. It's not enough to make me hobble, but there is a tell-tale twinge in the same place as previous pain.

Frustrated and almost defeated.
Took the bike out the next day instead

Sunday, 7 August 2011

The longest journey (well, for me.. so far)

I've had 3 rides this weekend. The usual 5 3/4 km on Saturday, then a ride to and from my parents house. The trip there, I took to a 7.77km route. It was pouring with rain, but it went pretty well to be honest. The return journey was less in distance (cut through the lakes) but MAN did my quads hurt like hell. I felt like I needed to give up with those thighs and my sore bum!

My legs are feeling pretty good, pretty strong and it's just a case of how long can I hold out without going out for a ran. It's so hard, it really is.

My Cycles...

Sunday to Parents
Sunday from Parents

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Very small light, Very long tunnel

Yesterday, I walked without limping. Ok, so it's not a big deal, but I'll take it. It's getting on towards two weeks now since I was last able to run and I've been limping badly (seemingly getting worse as well) ever since. I was at the point of needing to book in to see a Doctor which for anyone who knows me will affirm to that being a sign of desperation for me!

My hope is that I've had a 2nd bad case of shin splints rather than a stress fracture. This would obviously greatly reduce my recovery time!

I still have real doubts in my body. It might be a case of underdeveloped muscles or overtraining (both good reasons for shin splints), but equally, it might still be biomechanics or that my running is on concrete - both of which are difficult to change for me.

I will continue with a program of stretching and biking for now because running, although tempting, would be foolish at this point.