Thursday, 4 August 2011

Very small light, Very long tunnel

Yesterday, I walked without limping. Ok, so it's not a big deal, but I'll take it. It's getting on towards two weeks now since I was last able to run and I've been limping badly (seemingly getting worse as well) ever since. I was at the point of needing to book in to see a Doctor which for anyone who knows me will affirm to that being a sign of desperation for me!

My hope is that I've had a 2nd bad case of shin splints rather than a stress fracture. This would obviously greatly reduce my recovery time!

I still have real doubts in my body. It might be a case of underdeveloped muscles or overtraining (both good reasons for shin splints), but equally, it might still be biomechanics or that my running is on concrete - both of which are difficult to change for me.

I will continue with a program of stretching and biking for now because running, although tempting, would be foolish at this point.

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