Monday, 9 May 2011

C25k Week 6 Day 1

On paper, this run seems to be a lucky break after that 20 minute run at the end of Week 5, but it was clear after half the run that that was a massive error in judgement.

Firstly, in my defense, I've got a cold again. So much so that I am actually going to skip todays run altogether. But back to w6d1, back to intervals. Running periods of 5 mins, 8 mins and 5 mins with 3 minute rests between. Probably, this was the worst and most punishing run I have experienced in the program. Perhaps it was my cold, I don't know, but my heart rate was really screwed. I spent over half the run with an average HR of 172 and 18% of the run with a HR average of 182! My legs were also still very sore from the previous run and I tired so quickly.

That said, there were positives.

1. I finished it despite 3-4 times being at the point of giving up.
2. I finally ran over 3k, my first short term target.
3. My pace was generally good. I had in mind a 6:40 running pace and 10:30 walking pace. My running paces were 6:21, 6:51 and 7:13 and my walking paces were 10:02 and 12:38. Considering I was suffering, that's not too shabby.

My Stats:
3.20 km @7:29/km

My Vitals:
165.0lbs, Body Fat 22.3, BMI: 23.7

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