Saturday, 14 May 2011

C25k Week 6 Day 3 - FAIL

Horrible, Horrible, Horrible

Today was a 25 minute run - at least it should have been. Basically, I set off WAY to fast. My fastest pace was 4:48 FFS, and that bit was not on any downhill slope either. I completed just short of 13 minutes running and knowing I could not complete the run decided to take a 1 minute breather (I was at a 6:15 pace afterall so could afford to drop back a bit). It turned into a 3 minute walk and about 2 minutes further running before I quit and plodded home.

Very dissapointing, but my hope is that it was purely down to my overconfident start and that more watchfulness on my pace will serve me well lon later runs.

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