Thursday, 19 May 2011

C25k Week 6 Day 3 - FAIL (again) + Injury

I've had a recurrence of the injury that kept me out of running for 3 weeks. Hopefully this time it won't be as serious. I am certainly skipping tonight's run.

In my first failed run, I had switched back to the (shop recommended) Nike ASTs. Not only did I not complete that run because of the fast pace I set, but I also hurt my legs quite a bit.

Think I had recovered, I tried another run on Monday going back to my Lunarglides, but personally, I think that the damage had been done with the ASTs and my legs could not cope. I managed around 16 minutes of running this time at a spot on pace of around 6:45/km My legs were hurting pretty bad and my breathing labored. It was mentally one of my toughest runs yet and I held off quitting a number of times before that point. I tried to make it to 20 minutes but simply could not.

My legs have been painful and even walking at points is proving difficult. I still don't know for sure if my problem is overworking or the damn shoes.

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