Tuesday, 3 May 2011

C25k Week 5 day 1 and 2

Ive missed out on A couple of posts recently due to a busy 4 day public holiday mostly devoted to DIY around the house.

I completed Week 4 without too much fuss. In fact at 2.98 kilometres, Day 3 was the furthest I have ever run.

Week 5 is the one that I and many who have embarked on C25k believe is the one to dread. The upswing in actual running time as well as three progressively harder runs in a row all point to trouble ahead! Only a week or so ago, I was dreading 3 minute runs BUT my next run will be a 20 minute straight run! Yikes.

Week 5 day 1 was horrible on the timing with the middle 5 minutes beginning right at the bottom of the hill I run. I completed in a real pant and my HR was over 170 for the entire third 5 mintue interval.

Week 5 Day 2 Was manageable but I did struggle in the last 4 minutes of the run. After the first 8 minute run, my HR recovered really well and I felt up for the second and last run. I kind of got a second wind and pushed myself too far. I paid for it! I was very happy to hear those blessed Garmin bleeps to signal the end of my run.

Tomorrows 20 minute run is the one I have feared since Day 1 of C25k. Seeing how my heart rate went up to about 95% MHR after the first 8 minute interval yesterday, I don't see how I can tack on a further 12 minute run and expect to survive it. What kills me I think is firstly my pace - too much running not enough jogging. Secondly that bloody hill at the first kilometer. To get through it, I am going to try and find an alternate and flatter route and really try my best to slow down even more (it already feels like I am walking!)

My Stats:
W4D3 2.98 km @7:13/km
W5D1 2.89 km @7:15/km
W5D2 2.92 km @7:10/km

My Vitals:
166.4lbs, Body Fat 22.7, BMI: 23.9

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