Tuesday, 26 April 2011

C25k Week 4 Day 2

Today's run was a smidgin better. I never stopped the timer at all to give myself a breather. I did run both 5 minute stints although I will admit that the first of those runs came at a somewhat convenient time (I always get to a point that has a few steps upwards and I SLOWLY climbed them as the timer ran down!).

I have no indication on Heart rate as I forgot my HRM belt :( But from pure exertion, I think I was red-lining into Zone 5 again particularly for the last 5 minute run.

The good thing with the longer runs is that I have been (brute) forced to lower my pace. On the graphs, I am now firmly Walking + Jogging as opposed to Jogging + Running pace. That should fair me well for the future.

My Stats:
2.85 km @7:32/km

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