Friday, 8 April 2011

Back out and (sort of) running

I have had a couple of "recovery runs" over the past couple of weeks but they have not gone particularly well. On both occasions I started out going fast - in fact faster than before my injury. The latest run a couple of days ago saw me log a sub 6 minute kilometer. Bearing in mind that part of that is walking. My first 90 second run was 4.5 min/km!!

The problem is that I got puffed out on both runs. I managed 2.25 km in the first run and just 1.99km in the second. My body isn't ready for this kind of pace, not even with fully fit legs. My lungs were seriously burning after the second and third intervals and recovery, although 2 minutes was not enough.

Next time (tomorrow) I will slow down - I promise. I think I will aim for a 6.5 min/km run and 9 min/km walk which is reasonable and in line with what I was doing before the injury.

To make things easier, I have purchased a Garmin forerunner (a 305 brick). That should hopefully stop my GPS cutting out and give me more realtime results. I'll use the Heart rate monitor to prove one way or another if I am working too damn hard of not!

So here is to tomorrow and hopefully a new start!

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