Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Recovery Run

I had to, I just had to!

Decided to follow the week 2 intervals using them as a recovery run. Amazing how quickly my fitness deserted me! I felt quite puffed after the first 2-3 90 second runs and appreciated the full 2 minute rest periods. As for my legs, well they felt better running than they had for a long time, but I am not confident that the pain will not reoccur. My feet hurt a fair amount this time out also, perhaps due to my change of footwear back to the Lunarglide +2's.

I DID however manage to get round and actually ran about the same distance as previous Week 2 distances. I felt like I could have ran a bit further at the end but decided not to change my arm (or legs I guess!). The competitiveness was still definitely there. You can see that after the first 2k's I felt my pace was slow and pushed myself just a bit harder to lower the average

-------> 2nd km - Time to push!

Overall I was pleased with the run and I am anxious to see how I am doing this time next week with hopefully no repeat of the crippling leg issues.

I also appeared to have continued the weight and more importantly fat loss which is really wierd because I haven't been going out of my way to reduce these?!

My Stats:
2.88 km @7:19/km

My Vitals:
168.8lbs (-3.5lbs), Body Fat 23.4% -0.8%), BMI: 24.2 (NORMAL -0.7).

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