Wednesday, 16 March 2011

A week since my last run

I last ran, in pain, this time last week. My legs are really no better at all. My calves are still all tight, the anterior part of my calves still very painful when adding pressure. I still feel some pain when I walk.

My hopes of this being a 7-14 day recovery have gone completely. I feel very much like this will never recover until the point I can run again, or even if it does, that it will simply flair up again when I start running.

Watching all those other runners whilst driving that previously I wouldn't have noticed is like a dagger to the heart. How comes all these other people can run without problems yet I cannot?

Staying positive in all this is becoming a stretch and I have genuine anger and frustration over the whole thing. I want to run, I enjoy running, running is imporving my fitness, so let me run!

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