Sunday, 13 March 2011

Injury Update

In two words - NO BETTER
Really frustrating to not be able to run this weekend. Stopped tracking my eats on livestrong as well because i have no motivation. I always genuinely looked forward to the runs. The chance to beat previous times and progress through the course. Now, i am just laying here again, back on the couch, back to eating crap, just this time my legs hurt as well. I'd gained a bit of confidence and pride in the runs I was doing and would always go out with my head high and chest out, but I have lost it for who knows how long?
I should be doing weights tonight, but have no will to do so.

Probably my mood is not helped, this being a Sunday night and another shitty week at work to look forward to. Really life is a bit of a pile of crap right now all round.

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