Monday, 7 March 2011

C25k Week 3 Day 1

C25k Week 3 Day 1

Route changed, pace dropped, EASY (yes, EASY) run!! Ok, so my legs did hurt like buggers, but with my cardio, I never felt as though I would not make it round. During the last minute of the last interval, I got a second wind and felt like I could have run for another couple of minutes - that was one of the best feelings I have had since starting this program. I really feel like I am making progress and just wish I could get rid of the leg pain as I would be enjoying this so much more.

I have to say that the intervals did fall VERY nicely again and the 3 minute walk period covered pretty much all of the Webb Rise hill.

My Stats:
2.2 km @7:32/km

My Vitals:
173.2lbs (+2.2lbs), Body Fat 24.2% -1%), BMI: 24.9 (NORMAL +0.7).

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