Saturday, 5 March 2011

C25k Week 3 Day 1 (FAIL)

Well, that sucked.

I'm happy at the moment to blame my failure on the change of route. It was a straight line route, but the problem is that outbound half was all downhill and that left a horrible return leg. The intervals are 90/90 180/180 x2 I did it all up to the last 3 minute interval where I packed up halfway up the hill short 90 seconds. This time was mainly my lungs, but my legs also reached breaking point. They are really hurting tonight I can assure you!

I REALLY don't want to go back to week 2. I'm going to change back to my original route and try the new intervals and then we'll know!

My Stats:
2.12 km @6:43/km

My Vitals:
171.0lbs (-1.2lbs), Body Fat 25.2% -0.5%), BMI: 24.2 (NORMAL -0.2).

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