Sunday, 24 April 2011

C25k Week 4 Day 1

Ow Ow, Ooh Ah, Yikes!!

First off, I did complete Week 3 with a re-run of day 3 which meant moderately ok. I had great trepidation about this first run of week 4. An extended schedule of 3 minutes run, 90 seconds walk, 5 minutes run, 2.5 minutes walk - rinse and repeat.

Did it suck - hell yes.

Run 1 - mostly downhill - not bad, but seemed longer than expected and I was glad when it had finsihed. But unlike the last week, there is not 3 minute resting - just 90 seconds and then onto a record 5 minute run!! Mostly this was up hill and halfway through I hit the dreaded webb rise hill. It killed me to the point where I had to walk. The next 3 minute run I managed ok but paused the run for 30 seconds to bring my heart down to the 140s for the final run. I did complete the whole 5 minutes this time round, but my heart rate hit 184!!

I'll be honest that I felt drained, dizzy and sick. Everything ached - even my arms as m body just depleted its oxygen. It's easy to see why many quit at this point, but I will carry on knowing that if I can keep going, these 3-5 minute runs will seem like childs play.

An interesting point was that I did my last week 3 run on a Thursday and I clashed along the route with the local running club which was nice to see. Maybe one day I will join them.

My Stats:
2.74 km @7:49/km

My Vitals:
166.4lbs, Body Fat 21.9, BMI: 23.9

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