Tuesday, 12 April 2011

C25k Week 3 Day 1 (2nd attempt)

Well I guess for the moment I can say that I am officially back on track. With my heart rate monitor in hand (well on my wrist actually), I was certainly more concious of how hard I was working and when it was time to slow the hell down. Paused the workout just before the second 3 minute run as my heart rate was still in the 150s after the rest period and I would not have completed. I got through the run. A fair bit of leg pain again but I am confident that I have a better chance of succcess this time and don't feel quite as much a newbie as before. I'm certainly happy to slow down when required other than cause myself heartache and pain.

So anyway, I completed the 90/90/180/180 x2 intervals.

My Stats:
2.30 km @7:56/km

My Vitals:
167.0lbs, Body Fat 21.4, BMI: 24.0

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