Saturday, 9 April 2011

Questioning C25k

Before my run today, my legs were not brilliant to start with. I switched back to the Nike ASTs today as the Lunarglides were hutrting my feet, but my legs really struggled to much today - shin pain, calf pain etc. I don't kow if this is just because I ran from a bad starting point or whether the ASTs excacerbated the problem.

The issue I have got is with the data I picked up from my new Garmin HRM. I think I should be doing the majority of my running in Zone 3 and the walking in high Zone 2 to low Zone 3. My figures show me spending about 50% of the time in Zone 3 and 50% in Zone 4.

I ran for the first time without Music and it felt like I was running like a snail on my first run, yet I ran a 5:30/km first interval!! It was only when I was struggling that my pace slowed but by then I could not get my heart rate down at all. I took the oppurtunity to pause my workout halfway round to get my HR down a bit, but it didnt last long.

My Stats:
2.46 km @7:40/km

My Vitals:
168.0lbs, Body Fat 23.5, BMI: 24.1

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