Thursday, 28 July 2011

2nd trip out on Bike.

I decided to ignore my bum pain and just get on with it. I picked my 5k running course as my route as I know the hills and where it's flat.

Things to fix / work out.

  • When I have the rear gear set to say 4 (out of 6), the chain is on the third cog, so it's one out I believe. I've found a site that tells you how to adjust the rear dérailleur so I can have a go at that one myself
  • The front gear really struggles to go from 2 down to 1. It doesn't engage most of the time so I am left stalled out on a hill with the chain rattling around.
  • The chain has slipped of the front gear on both bike rides now (usually when I shift to 1st).
  • Peddling is MUCH too easy when I am on even the slightest of down gradients. In most cases I end up in a freefall and the pedals do nothing. I've switched to the highest gear 3/6 but it makes no difference. So I freefall to the bottom of the hill. As I am getting to the bottom (ready for a steep climb), I can't pedal in anticipation for the hill because they just spin and I can't change to a lower gear for the climb because the derailleur won't work without me pedalling. I have to wait until I'm on the ascent and slowed right down before slogging away in a high gear to the top!
  • My newly installed Cadence sensor stopped working half way round.
So all in all, the technology is hindering me from just going out to increase my fitness!
I'm still working out how to keep in a straight line but I guess it's just a matter of practice!

I'm up to 14.9km/h now :-) My Ride

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