Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Another 5k (just) in the bag

Having enjoyed my longer runs to my parents, partly because the route takes me past the local park and lakes, I decided to map out a return route that covers the lakes. The problem is that the lakes are the home territory of the local running club.

I past them going the other way when I was going round one of the lakes - no problem. About 4km in, I was tiring a fair bit. I came round the corner and there they are, all on a walking break or rest. I ran passed them up the hill.

20 seconds or so passed when I could here the pounding of feet behind me. Sure enough, a couple of their leaders (each about 10 foot tall with legs as long as my whole body) drifted past like I wasn't even there. About 5 of them went through inclusive of a girly. "Run your own race" went straight out of the window! I upped my pace significantly to stop any more getting past. My Garmin was bleeping "Slow Down" about every 5 seconds. When I came out of the park, I stopped the watch at 4.72km because I had killed myself! I walked a short way and resumed the rest of the run.

Pride is a dangerous thing I guess

The run:

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