Friday, 22 July 2011

Weight loss progress

Five months into my running program and time to check on progress.

My targets from the start have been to get fitter but most importantly to shift some of the fat and become leaner with it. This table speaks volumes to my success so far

DateWeight (lbs)Fat %Fat (lbs)Non Fat (lbs)

I've lost 21.6lbs (1 stone 8lbs) BUT, over 18 of those lbs have been pure fat with only 3.2 lbs making up the rest. I've only made small changes to my diet and have enjoyed many unhealthy meals, chocolate etc during these months. I'm not a big believer in crazy diets and my stats prove what can be done with sensible exercise and sensible eating.

For now, what started as a way to improve fitness has become a way of life. I hope I have found something that I can continue with long into the future (body willing) and that my competitive thirst can be quenched with.

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