Monday, 25 July 2011

Another kick in the teeth (or shins)

A summary of my runs this week would reveal that I didn't hit ANY of my targets in the three runs I've done. I could cope with that (albeit frustrating) if it wasn't for the fact that I am now sidelined yet again with pain that makes walking difficult.

I've already Blogged on Tuesday's run, how I pushed myself and had to give up, only then jogging to the end of 5k. Thursday came around and the run was a very strange one. I ran down to the local lakes only to enter in the middle of a 3k relay race. It made the run difficult because I was wary of getting in the way of everyone. I changed my route a bit to get around the crowds, marshals etc but it was just a bit off-putting. It was also eye opening to see how fast some of these guys and girls (young and old) easily outpaced me. I managed just 4.74km that day. 250 metres short of my 5k target. My legs were so heavy I couldn't resume in a reasonable time.

Since that run and over the weekend, I had nagging twinges in both legs and I thought many times about not running at all (I should have listened to this voice of doubt). I rang regardless, a new and unknown route from my parents house. My legs were dead before I had run just 1km. I carried on going (perhaps through pride more than anything) and about 15 minutes in I took a couple of minutes walk break. I ran for around 5 minutes longer before admitting to myself that my twinge had become pain. I hobbled back.

Last night and this morning, the damage is clear and I fear that I face another lengthy spell on the sidelines. I don't know what more I can do to rectify this situation and prevent reoccurance, I'm lost for ideas.

Thursday and Sunday stats

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