Thursday, 14 July 2011

Long time no see

Well be fair, I've been on Holiday!
My last run before my trip had killed my legs a fair amount. I had planned to keep up training efforts whilst on Holiday, but my legs as they were, I decided that it really wasn't any point dragging my running gear out with me. As it happens, this was a wise choice as our days were packed and the kids played up most nights meaning we were all knackered!

Anyway, we ate out - lots. I had chocolate and/or ice cream pretty much every day and I didn't exercise (unless you count pushing a fully laden buggy with two kids and a whole load of bags for most of the time).

I thought my legs would take much longer to recover, but they didn't. In fact they feel pretty good right now - No pain!

I resumed my running two days ago with another ambitious 5k+ run to my parents at the weekend. It went pretty well, especially at first with a good amount of cloud cover. When the sun came out it was pretty oppressive. I had to take a couple of 2 minute walk breaks but my pace overall was still excellent!

I had a second run around my usual route a couple of days ago but I just was not motivated for it. I was tired and exhausted and it showed. I gave up before I hit 4km and walked home. It's the worst an most demotivated I have been on a run in some time.

Still - again I need to remind myself of when I was desperate to make 3km not so long ago!

Another 5k calls tonight after a BBQ at work. I'm off work tomorrow for Hannah's first ever sports day. Hope there isn't a Dad's race with my poor body!!

My two runs:

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