Sunday, 17 July 2011

I ran 6,000 metres!

Yesterday was run to parents day again. I struggled with this last week having to have two brief walking breaks.

This run didn't have positive signs at the beginning. My legs were stiff, sore and grumpy. I seriously didn't expect to make it 1/3rd of the way. What's worse is a torrential downpour (it lasted the entire run in fact).

I set off confidently. I set my Garmin to warn me if I dropped below a 6:10/km which I did on about 4 occasions. The run was BRILLIANT. Running in the rain was awesome. It wasn't cold at all and it only added to my determination. It felt great passing people scurrying under cover when there I was enjoying a run. They probably thought I was insane, but what the hell. I just think I am a winner.

I felt really strong and powerful. Reaching near my folks home @5k I wanted to push it and felt I really could make it to 6k. I did it.

Awesome run - perhaps my best ever yet!

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