Thursday, 21 July 2011

Help me Hal!

Possibly (read probably), I'm mad.

I've gone from wanting to try a 5k-8k plan to trying my hand at Hal Higdon's Half Marathon 10 week schedule.

Hal's advice is that people who start this plan should be able to run 3 miles (just short of 5k) 3-4 times a week. That's about where I'm at right now, looking for a new challenge.

The reason's I've plumped for this plan, scary as it seems are:

  • Increasing mileage, especially the "Long Run days" at the weekend should improve my overall pace for 5k (and eventually 10k).
  • The plan is really focused on running. I'll be doing weight's twice a week, but low weight / high reps. I find pumping iron boring and dangerous at the moment so hopefully this will be better for me.
  • I get to run 4 days a week. The run on Wednesday being an "Easy / Short Run".
  • Mondays are focussed on Strength and stretching, something I sorely need.
So the new plan is

Monday: Stretching + Light Weights
Tuesday: Running
Wednesday: Easy Run
Thursday:Running + Light Weights
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Exercise Bike
Sunday: Long Run

To War...

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