Saturday, 19 February 2011

C25k Week 1 Day 3

I woke up with my legs in no better state than previous days gone by. We had a birthday party for one of Hannah's friends at a soft play area and I swear that my 2 year old boy Daniel outran me comfortably when I tried to chase him down. I was doing a fair bit of hobbling today despite a whole bunch of stretching that I've done both today and over the past few days.

As such, I was contemplating sitting out another run today, but I wanted to give it a shot and get out in the open. Tackling the same route as last time when I made it back limping, I set off in a positive mood. I love whatever the song is on the Week 1 NHS podcast and it helps motivate me nicely during the warmup. Run 1 and the calves start tightening up painfully again. Run two saw the shins begin to hurt. I got past the place where I had had to turn back previously and consciously wondered whether I should press on with the 2k ahead or turn back and retrace the 1k. I decided to push through the pain and run 3 came very quickly, but I kept going. I stopped to rub my shins and calves for about 10 seconds before coming up to the serious climb of the route, the aptly named "Webb Rise". I thought that my 90 seconds brisk walk (ok, dragging my heels slog) might get me a good way up it, but no - the delightful podcast lady ordered me to "Get ready for you next run - you can do it - GO!". Pants. Probably about 40 seconds in I almost stopped, but didn't. Obviously now my shins, calves and feet now were wrecked and my walking pace was very laboured. Turning the corner into the next street, I did a bit of positive jabbering to myself and felt a little easier on my legs. I completed runs 5 and 6 with only part grimace and a slight upward curl of my lips. When the lady announced that I only had two runs left, I felt actual joy, certainly the first I've had at all. Even though my legs had abandoned me, I felt a twinge of happiness. I completed run 7 without too much fuss but then nearly made a fatal mistake. One of my shoes had come untied and I stopped for about 10 seconds simply to tuck the laces up. When I stood up, my God! I didn't think that my feet would pick up because they felt like lead. I pushed myself to move on and thankfully completed the last run without too much fuss!.

All iced, stretched and rested up now My legs don't feel any worse than they were this morning (which still isn't great) and the soles of my feet ache a fair bit. But either way I completed the run today, not skipping any parts for the first time.

Obviously I will be revisiting Week 1 next until I feel able to progress and (hopefully) my legs improve.

I hope this is the first good day of many to come!

My stats

2.79 km @7:33/km

My Vitals
176.0lbs (-3.4lbs), Body Fat 25.6% +0.1%), BMI: 25.5 (Overweight -0.3).

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