Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Staying Positive

I did go out for a little jog with my new Nike's yesterday to test the water. In hindsight, it proved nothing. Yes there was a return of the shin and calf pain fairly instantly, but hardly surprising since it was painful even beforehand.

I am trying to stay motivated. My hope is that this shin splint business is do to poorly developed legs because I can cure that with some hard work in stretching and strengthening. I really don't want to stop "Getting out there" and I am going to try a bit of a walk today. I'm thinking of taking a walk around my new route that I failed so badly at running just a couple of days ago. If the shins start hurting then I'll walk back and admit that I am going to have to stay off of my feet for a while longer. If the walking is Ok then I might be able to gradually work up.

Also my back pain is still there as well as much soreness in the right bicep. My body is SOOO weak it's ridiculous!

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