Saturday, 26 February 2011

C25k Week 2 Day 2

Today was my first run in proper rain. The warmup was really cold but I didn't notice it after that point as i had other things to worry about. To summarize the run over all, My legs felt a little better with just very uncomfortable tight feeling up until the last couple of runs where most of the pain returned. At this point I am still not so confident of how I am going to get through week three with my legs and general fitness. I felt generally more puffed out during the run with only the first run not needing a great deal of recovery time. I got a bit further with the warmup walk before starting the run/walk intervals which meant I had a bit more in the way of hill work so that may have contributed. Run 5 had me considering stopping after about 30 seconds but I jet thought that i would be so disappointed with myself to stop. I have also feeling a bit down in the weather with sore throat etc so again i will do myself the justice of factoring that in also :)

My two memorable moments in the run were:

1. Turning the corner of a particular junction only for a car turning into the junction to drive speedily through a puzzle and give me a face FULL of road water.

2. Between runs 5 and 6, an old woman was pootling along about 10 meters ahead of me. Try as I might with my not so "brisk walk" I could not catch the old bat up!!

What is good to see is that BMI says I am Normal! Body Fat is coming down, but still has to come down more.

My stats

2.76 km @7:36/km

My Vitals
173.8lbs (-1.2lbs), Body Fat 24.9% -0.7%), BMI: 24.9 (NORMAL -0.2).

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