Wednesday, 23 February 2011

C25k Week 2 Day 1

So yes, I decided to move onto Week 2 today in defiance of my crappy day. Luckily for me the 90/120 intervals line up nicely with the various uphill parts of the route meaning that the run was easier in some respects.

However, 90 seconds can feel like forever and I mean that. After runs 1 and 2, it was clear that my legs were back to their horrible state and the pain was torture. I did not think that I would make it round at all. After run 3 and 4, I was seriously puffing like an asthmatic who has just run a marathon. What I will say to the credit of the program designers is that the 2 minute rests between were absolutely spot on. I was able to recover (my breath, not my legs) in time for the next run on every occasion. Run 5, bizarrely was the easiest of all and the only moment I felt "Happy" around the entire route. Run 6 went better than I might have hoped. Because I had run farther, I had to tackle a steep incline whilst running the last 40 seconds or so which actually went well.

I am concerned that my legs are not going to hold up for the greater distances ahead. They are just not getting any better and these 90 seconds bursts killed them .

I am really disappointed also by my food intake today. Having been so careful with my food intake (especially fat intake), my wife had cooked a new meal today and when I put in the ingredients into the livestrong website, I was 30g over for fat today!!! Fucking Mayonnaise!!

My stats

2.61 km @7:30/km

My Vitals
175.0lbs (-2lbs), Body Fat 25.6% -1.3%), BMI: 25.1 (Overweight -0.4).

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