Monday, 14 February 2011

C25k Week 1 Woes

Last night I suffered from lost of pain in the side of my lower back, where I have had previous weakness. I think partially from throwing my children around and partly down to the weight lifting program I continued yesterday.

My Shin's and calf muscles were still really sore this morning, but I chose to take advantage of my last day off of work and go for my first daytime run. The weather was perfect, sunny with just a nice chill breeze. I had chosen a new route to see if it likes the GPS a bit better (which it did). Unfortunately I went out in my ordinary trainers and this might have played a part in me only making it through the first two runs before limping back home, depressed with shockingly painful shins - front and outside outer. I am convinced that this is now anterior shinsplints.

The problem is that I really don't know what to do about it. I've got stretches and exercises that I can do of course to strengthen the muscles and tendons, but what about running shoes? My belief is that is under-pronate (supinate) based on the "Wet Test" and the fact that my old pairs of trainers show huge wear on the outside heel. I've bought running shoes on that basis. The Nike Lunarglide+ 2 which supposedly offer support for under-pronators

Could it be heel strike, could it be overstriding? I am running on pavement but have little choice in the matter.

I will go and fork out for gait analysis tomorrow (and possibly a new costly pair of running shoes) in the hope that I might find a miraculous answer. Until then, my running days are over before they started.

Very, very depressing.

My stats (for what they are worth today)

1.8 km @9.27/km

My Vitals
179.4lbs (+0.6lbs), Body Fat 25.5% +0.5%), BMI: 25.8 (Overweight +0.1).

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