Friday, 18 February 2011

Workout and stretching and Fitsync.

I did some free weights at home yesterday and am keeping motivated by tracking how I'm doing them using Fitsync. The interface for the website is horrendous, but it does do what I want it to do by allowing me to define workouts, set targets and see graphs of my performance. I love to see an upward trend, the sign that I am succeeding. I suppose that is one aspect that is drawing me to want to run. The thrill of seeing (I am at this point dreaming of) graphs indicating increase in time, distance and then hopefully speed is one I just am itching to get going on. I'm using runkeeper which I would like to say is a brilliant website / iOS combination. I did start out wanting to use the Nike+ GPS because it's slicker, well certainly the website is. The problem is that the ipod app doesn't like my iPod touch / Holux GPS combination whereas runkeeper has no problems in that area.

So this morning, I didn't feel any new soreness. I've still got some pain in my right hand Lat from when I was twisting around with the kids and it's causing pain turning in my sleep, but no new muscle strains, which is good for a wimp like me!

But the legs, curses and damnation are NO BETTER. I've had a few days now of rest, ice, elevation and stretching and the pain is still there. Some points in the day still see me limping about. The right leg particularly is being a bitch. How the hell am I going to go out running tomorrow with it like this?! I am more than impatient, I am champing at the bit.

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