Monday, 28 February 2011

C25k Week 2 Day 3

I've been ill over the weekend. Yesterday I had basically nothing to eat for Breakfast, Dinner or Tea. I think I had a bag of snack-a-jacks, half a slice of bread and two mouthfuls of cereal to keep me going. I had caught my Sons stomach Bug and had it steadily coming out of both ends (TMI, I know). I also got to bed a 4:45 in the morning as my daughter has now come down with the bug and was up all night being sick. A run didn't necessarily seem like a wise choice but it worked out OK. I made it round the route in a slightly quicker pace than before so that is progress. As for my legs, well they are still up to their old tricks but I do come home each time feeling that bit stronger.

I think that I owe it to my body to carry on with Week 2 for at least one more run because I just don't see my legs (and heart/lungs at this point) making it in through a week 3 run

My stats

2.88 km @7:21/km

My Vitals
172.2lbs (-0.8lbs), Body Fat 24.7% -2.0%), BMI: 24.7 (NORMAL -0.2).

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