Monday, 13 June 2011

C25k Week 8 Day 1 + New milestone

Forget the run.... 19.8% body fat - NORMAL

Throughout this process, the body fat has been a big milestone for me to hit - more than the body weight. I want to drive down the weight a bit further but I do expect to build some muscle mass. Body fat is key in all of this. I want to be healthy for my family!

Ok, so on todays run, again I set off too fast and it was HOT and horrid. 20 minutes in I did take a 2 minute timeout walk before completing the 28 minutes. I did see some marked improvement in recovery HR going from 174 down to 138 in those 2 minutes which is excellent coming from where I have.

My legs are still painful, both calves and shins. I'm still just hoping that these will improve over time - I just don't know.

My Stats:
3.93 km @7:11/km

My Vitals:
162.2lbs, Body Fat 19.8, BMI: 23.3

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