Friday, 24 June 2011

C25k Week 9 Day 1

My first 30 minute run!

I set my Garmin's Virtual Race Partner to 30:00 @6.45 min/km which would have been a great time for me. I killed it, managing a pace of 6.34 and a distance on 4.58km!

I'll be honest with you that several times I almost quit (or at least stopped for a walking break) and the whole last 10 minutes were a rough deal for me.

In the 2nd KM particularly, I felt I was going to fast but my body was willing to continue (bar lots of leg pains still). My heart rate throughout only peaked at 177 during the hardest climb. It went higher right at the end but that's because I sprinted the last 2 minutes.

I do feel like I am starting to see some gains in my heart strength which is immensely gratifying.

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