Thursday, 23 June 2011

HGM (2.2)

Finished off Week 2 strongly, upping weights to 37.5k for Bench Press (10, 8, 6) and putting an extra 1k on each of the dumbbells for the exercises that use them. I'm still just looking to make steady strength gains here.

I've adjusted my schedule already to incorporate new items and to switch run days so that on Sunday's I can part-run the way to my parent's house

Some new items I am incorporating into my schedule:

30 day shred - Why? I put it on the other day and it wiped me out. Even though I am scheduling for 1 day per week, it will hopefully help me with fat burn an strength.

Yoga - I'm going to give this a try starting on Sunday. Why? My flexibility is very very bad. I think it hampers my running and general wellbeing. I understand that Yoga can help with balance and flexibility as well as getting blood to areas it doesn't usually get to making you feel refreshed. A good way to end the week hopefully!!

So my Schedule is now..

Monday: Weights - HomeGrown Muscle Plan
Tuesday: Running - C25k and onward
Wednesday: Weights - HomeGrown Muscle Plan
Thursday: Running - C25k and onward
Friday: Kettlebell - 15-20 minute quick burn
Saturday: Shred
Sunday: Running (AM), Yoga (PM)

It's worth noting that I'm on holiday in 10 days time so the plan WILL go to pot. I plan to at least maintain my 3 runs whilst I am away.

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