Friday, 10 June 2011

New Schedule and Calorie counting woe!

First things first. What an idiot I am!!
I started using livestrong many months ago and found it really eye opening as to what I actually eat. I enjoy seeing my calorie "allowance" raise when I plug in my exercise details as well :-)

I stopped using it out of complacency but have decided to pick it up again to see why my weight loss (and fat loss more importantly) is stalling. Reviewing my profile, I realised that I made a HUGE, HUGE mistake!

When I started out with Livestrong, I put in my weight, height, age, gender etc into the program and when invited to choose my lifestyle, I pick "lightly active" - after all, I'm a runner now (!) and I try to do a bit of exercise. Wrong with a capital W! Livestrong calculated that I would need to have a calorific intake/burn equal to 2000 calories (give or take) to lose 1lb a week. Most days I found I would come comfortably under this target and my weight came down a bit then stopped. Have you spotted my error yet?

The problem is that I happily put my calorific burns into Livestrong ON TOP of marking myself as active. Actually, I am "Sedentary" in that I work all day in an office and drive everywhere. Take away the 500kcals a day needed to lose 1lb and I am left with 1600kcals, not 2000 :-(

Bloody Hell.

Anyway, expectations reset I will move on. Today at work was continental breakfast day. One mini baguette with no butter or filling is 330kcals. WOW. Needless to say I downsized my usual portion size and swapped for some fruit.

Anyhow, the (gruelling?) schedule is now set as follows. How long can I maintain it?!

MON: Running
TUE: Kettlebell
WED: Weights
THU: Running
FRI: Day off (possible lunchtime walk)
SAT: Running
SUN: Weights

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