Wednesday, 22 June 2011

C25k Week 8 Day 3

Yay, week 8 complete.
Every run feels so hard, but yet when I look back at my progress, I am amazed by it. I remember dreading 3 minutes, then 5, then 20 and now it's only a 20 that I begin to struggle a bit!
I'm looking to finish this program very strongly. All Week 8 runs are supposed to be 28 minutes long, but I've been doing over that, culminating yesterday in a 29 minute run.

Trust me, I was glad when it finished and I was severely labouring at the end. Mentally the whole run seemed tough. It was a lovely sunny evening, but very windy. My legs felt fairly good but did deteriorate as I went on.

One milestone - I passed someone who was slower than me :-) Ok, so I probably had 10-12 years on the poor sod, but it's nice to be THAT person who breezes past.

I find my new route challenging but good. It starts of basically flat for about the first couple of km, then there is a series of ups and down that come in quick succession (you can say to yourself, "Just get to that lampost and you can go downhill then" etc). The final bit is a very steady incline.

I'm only going to weigh in once a week now at the weekend so no stats to share. I've posted yesterdays run, my back catalog of runs and all future runs on dailymile as I transition from runkeeper.

I managed to run 4.4km in my 29 minutes at 6:34/km!

This run on Dailymile

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