Monday, 27 June 2011

The Long Walk + YOGA

Well, Sunday was BLISTERING hot (I've got very burnt shoulders to prove it. There was a local funfair/carnival on in our town and my (stupid) suggestion was that we walk it. It's about 3.5km each way which is not bad except...
Two young kids fighting over who was going to sit in the pram, who couldn't hold onto the buggy board and who didn't want to walk/was hungry/was thirsty. The situation was compounded because my wife had a problem with her footwear that was making it painful to walk (after we'd walk there of course!).
The day itself was nice, but too hot. I had to walk (and run) back to get the car to come pick everyone up in the end. My legs were shot from the previous day's running so yes it hurt.

YOGA for beginners...

Well, I must be an idiot.
Firstly, one of the first thing she says is "come down off of your brick". WTF? What brick? Yes apparently they were are sitting on a brick (cue impromptu rush to find something to get my bum off the floor).
Second problem, you have to close your eyes. Great, except you have absolutely no idea what any of the poses look like from how she is describing, so you have to open your eyes and reposition the ipad to see etc.
Third problem. I'm sorry, but I cannot do the "Tree Pose" with out falling on my arse. Either that or my foot slips with sweat etc.
I don't think this video IS particularly good for beginners. But now I've done it once, maybe next time I will know a bit more what she is talking about. Overall it felt quite good to havee a bit of a stretch which is good because my posture is the absolute worst.

Tonight, weights.

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